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This project is got planning to make it as mobile apps. But for the first, we start it with web apps. It’s about to get some prize from your banking transaction with redeem your points where you get it from some lucky wheel in this apps. The client is fine and really interest with this apps, but my boss just ruin it. The problem is not in this apps, but totally about the grand design. I don’t want to talk about it. In essence, this project does not meet the client’s qualify because the grand design.

FYI: I have handle this client before when I join with Think Digital (please see my resume). Unfortunately I lost the file and the microsite definitely closed since that just run for 1 month activation in 2016. Even though you want to search it, the domain is ocbcnisplocator.com, but it just some free domain now. I really apologize can’t show you.

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