AXA Mandiri Financial Services

UI/UX Designer `{`May 2022 - Present`}`

Revamp and fixing their internal project app interface and experience. Handling more than 3 projects from scratch.

PT Fore Kopi Indonesia

UI/UX Designer `{`September 2018 - December 2021`}`

PT Fore Kopi Indonesia, as known as Fore Coffee, is one of the leaders of the coffee on-demand industry. Here, as a single fighter, I work as a UI/UX Designer who handling 4 products total; user side apps and barista side apps. I work at Fore Coffee since Fore only 1-month-old. So, that makes me was the first generation employee who builds Fore from the beginning.

PT Aditya Bisnis Cipta

IT MANAGER `{`October 2017 - July 2018`}`

PT Aditya Cipta Business is a new startup company engaged in the eLogistic industry. I as an IT Manager has quite a variety of tasks, such as revising the website appearance and flow from the ABC Online application according to the approval of the CEO. In addition, I also provide input for the digital marketing strategy of the application which is to implement the strategy requires the approval of the CEO. In addition, I also monitor for active and passive users and the growth of users who have downloaded the application.

PT Nadi Digital Indonesia

UI/UX, WordPress Implementor, Web Developer `{`March 2016 - October 2017`}`

Nadi Digital Indonesia or commonly called Next Digital, is a digital agency that has a Google Partner license. I am here in the web developer division which has various types of jobdesc. For information, Next Digital has 2 marketing teams that have different targets, the Corporate Team and the UMKM Team. For UMKM, I am tasked with building websites from 0 using wordpress, which I also have the task of recommending templates that match the characteristics of the client's business and features for the website to be built. For the Corporate Team, I have a jobdesc as UI / UX, which I am responsible for creating a website mockup and a microsite for campaign from clients. In addition, if the client wants a mobile application, then it is also my job to create a wireframe and mockup from the application.

PT Impresario Digital Indonesia

UI/UX, Frontend Web Developer `{`Ocotber 2015 - March 2016`}`

In Digital Impressario Indonesia or commonly called Think Digital, I have a jobdesc to slice the website design that has been created by the designer team. However, over time, I also helped the designer team to decide the best design in terms of UI / UX in designing a website. Here is not only the website that I created, I also developed a microsite from the campaign conducted by the client.

Sekolah Musik Indonesia Yogyakarta

Multimedia Trainer, IT Staff, Graphic Designer `{`November 2012 - October 2014`}`

Initially at the Indonesian Music School (SMI) I was a trainer for multimedia classes which taught the basics for home recording using tools such as Sibelius, Reason, Pro Tools. Then, because of the urgent needs of the company, I was appointed to concurrently serve as an IT Staff where I conducted internet network management such as IP distribution and blocking some site access based on company requests. Over time, the company also needed a designer to design several promos. I was finally re-appointed as a graphic designer where my job was to design flyers, banners and trophies (from acrylic material) for the race event.